To see where B’ESTFEST Park is located check our “Map of the location” section.

To see the exact B’ESTFEST Park location check our “Map of the location” section.

Personal means of transport

By car or motorcycle

If you’re planning on coming to the festival with any personal means of transport such as a car or motorcycle, B’ESTFEST has a very big parking area nearby. This year, there will be a separate parking area closer to the entrance with security and lighting for all three days, available for a fee of 15 lei for cars and 5 lei for motorcycles.

Don’t forget about the car pooling system! Share your car with a few fellow friendly bestfesteers! You can also check out the platform 4inmasina where you can find friendly people to share a car to B’Estfest, this way you can discover an easier way to get to the festival area,  also a fun and eco-friendly one.

By Bike

If you’re planning on riding your bike all the way to our location, B’ESTFEST Park has special parking spots for fans of the two wheeled transport.

Public transport

As every year, we’re collaborating with RATB in creating a special bus line to B’ESTFEST. The cost of a one-way ticket will be 3,5 lei, you can take the bus from Charles de Gaulle Square (near the Aviatorilor subway station).

Also, it will be available the 445 maxi-taxi. You can take it from the 16 & 36 tram station from Pipera (near the Pipera subway station). The maxi-taxi will take you very near to the festival, just a short walk and you will be in the middle of …fun!


If nothing else works, you can always take a cab. And this year you don’t have to worry of how you’re getting back home late in the night, because we have a special partnership with MERIDIAN TAXI that will serve all B’Estfest fans during the festival. There will be  special parking area where many cabs will wait for you to take you home safe and sound. You can also take a cab to get to B’Estfest, there will be no extra charge due to the location of the festival. Search for Meridian Taxi in all the main city squares (some are even branded with B’Estfest logo) or try ordering one at 021 9444 / 021 9888.