General Terms and Conditions at B’ESTFEST Summer Camp 2013!



B’ESTFEST Park = the whole area of the festival that’s open to the public.


We recommend to the public to only buy tickets from the indicated authorized asellers,such as MyTicket or Diverta. More details on

Also, it is strictly forbidden to sell, buy, or use for promotional or commercial purposes of any kind the invitations or tickets, at a price other than that written on the tickets. Organizers reserve the right to ban  from entering the premises of the festival anyone who is undergoing these kind of activities and to confiscate the invitations or tickets they posses.

Moreover, false ticketing or selling overpriced tickets is illegal and will be sanctioned by law.

General terms and conditions:

The following  terms and conditions are applicable for B’estfest Summer Camp 2013. Some of these conditions will be posted at the entrance of the festival. If you buy tickets and attend this festival, you automatically accept the following rules.

  • The ticket gives you access to the whole festival, not to a single concert.
  • Tickets are not refundable in any case, not even when artists cancel or bad weather conditions happen.
  • Organizers will not be held responsible for losing, wrecking or stealing of your ticket. Also they cannot guarantee authenticity to any ticket bought outside the authorized areas. Once bought, the ticket cannot be resold or changed. Any person that has a ticket which is liable to be fake will be banned from the entering the premises of the festival.
  • There’s a limited stock of tickets that can be bought in the day of the festival, from indicated locations, at the entrance. It is recommended that you arrive on time at the access points so as to avoid crowds.
  • The organizer will be held responsible for any change that might appear in the artists’ schedule, price listings etc.

Access to the location

Access will only be made through the main gate at B’ESTFEST Park, in conformity with  the programme of the festival that will be  posted on the official site

  • Those who have a three day pass at B’ESTFEST Park will receive a bracelet with which they can enter or exit the festival area as the wish. The bracelet needs to be kept on throughout the whole festival. If you lose, break or deteriorate it, it will no longer be available and you will not be able to access the festival.
  • Those who have one day passes can enter only once with their ticket without receiving any kind of bracelet. If they wish to leave the festival grounds, but want to come back in the same day, they can buy an upgrade to their ticket with only 20 lei which consist of a wristband that needs to be kept until the end of that day. You can buy these upgrades at specified places that will be available throughout the whole festival area.


(The above conditions are applicable to tickets or passes including invitations, those without a price).

Identity card

All B’ESTFEST Summer Camp participants have to possess a valid identity card (ID., passport, driver’s license etc.)



B’ESTFEST has two parking spaces inside the festival:

- a parking area situated close to the entrance, where the access will be permitted only after paying 15 lei/per day for cars and 5 lei/per day for motorcycles. You can pay these taxes at the indicated locations.

- a free parking area, situated at a bigger distance from the access gate of the festival

- a free parking area within the festival grounds, only for bicycles.


Common transport: 445- you can take it from the refugee of lines 16 and 36 (from the metro station Pipera) or from Baneasa S.A. Station.

Special means of transport:

Special buses will be put at your service and wille assure transport from the key points of Bucharest to B’ESTFEST PARK and vice versa, even at night. More details to be announced.

Bicycle: If you’re the eco friendly type you can come to the festival by bike. We have set up special parking places for bikes, with no overcharge.

By car: Access to areas of the parking spot will be free.

Check Transport section on for more information and news.

 Locomotory disabled people

Every locomotory disabled person has the right to be accompanied by a person. Access will be permitted only with valid tickets for the attendant. People that have documents proving they are disabled and want to buy tickets to B’ESTFEST Summer Camp can e-mail the organizers at

Kids’ access at the festival

Kids under the age of 14, accompanied by an adult will have free access. Close to the stages the noise can be too powerful for the little ones; therefore we recommend headphones or any other ear protection devices as well as keeping the kids away from noisy places.

Age evidence

If you are pretty lucky not to look like you’re 18, you have toshow us an ID if you want to buy alcohol. Please don’t be offended by this, actually, take it as a compliment! Selling alcohol and cigarettes to under-aged people is prohibited by law.

Lost and found and Information Desk

T here will be an information desk inside B’ESTFEST grounds that will also function as a lost and found desk. In case you find or lose anything report it here.

First Aid

The festival will have special First Aid Points and ambulances. Also, in case of emergency you can always turn to our security agents.

Catering/ tokens

Food and alcohol cannot be bought with cash, it will require tokens which can be acquired  from the pay office. At the end of every day, tokens can be changed back into money. The festival will also have a lot of restaurant areas.

Food and beverages

A large variety of food, from grills to vegetarian specialties, for varied tastes, will be available in the restaurant area inside the festival. Non – alcoholic beverages and beer will be available all day, bars will be open even after the end of the concerts.

Warning! You can bring alcohol in plastic bottles only in the camping zone.

Cigarettes and merchandising

The festival will have special merchandising areas where you can buy t-shirts, books, CDS and cigarettes. These products can only be bought with money (not with tokens), and cigarettes can only be sold to people 18 or older. At the event you can find boutiques that will suit your every need to assure your three or four day survival at our festival. The boutiques will also offer clothes, jewelry, massage services, eco supplies, souvenirs, promotional materials and many more.



Access in the camping area is only allowed if you have a ticket and a camping voucher. We will check that you meet these requirements. More details about Camping in our section here.

You are not allowed to bring the following to the festival:


-          Guns or any type of dangerous objects, even if you plan to use it for camping. Alcohol, drugs, any kind of bottles, pets, chairs, banners (only in the camping area), fireworks, umbrellas, tin cans, food or beverages, potentially sharp and dangerous objects.

-          Professional cameras (with interchangeable additions) or camera recorders.

-          Gas stoves, gas cylinders, lighting fires.



Before entering the festival, all backpacks, bags and packages will be checked; participants must allow a body control by our authorized security personnel. Refusing to get checked will ban you from the festival.


B’ESTFEST also has toilette areas for women, men and handicapped people. These will be cleaned as often as possible and some may be closed at times due to this. Also, washstands will be available.

Security/ Police

For your own safety we have numerous security agents presents on festival grounds, as well as policemen.


-know where the closest emergency exit is located

-follow safety instructions of the security personnel, police or organisers

-keep away from any type of danger

-announce a security agent, the police or the organisers if you see any type of antisocial behaviuor.

-move to an empty area if the area you are in is crowded

-ask for help if you need it, help others especially when someone falls

-remain calm (if you are injured or in distress ask to be taken to the first aid tent)

Fire department

You are not allowed to use fire inside de festival. In case of emergency contact our firefighters.


You are not allowed to stage-dive or crowd surf. These sorts of activities are dangerous for you and everyone around you.


Any drug use or commercializing is prohibited by law.

Sampling/ commercializing

Any kind of activity of this sort without the organisers’ permission isn’t allowed inside the festival.


Access with pets isn’t allowed inside the festival’s perimeter.

Trees and other structures inside the festival

You aren’t allowed to climb trees or other structures inside the festival.


The organizers reserve the right to change the programme as they wish, for reasons they cannot control or last moment changes. These modifications will be made public as soon as possible.



Please use our recycle bins, which can be found throughout the whole perimeter of the festival. Please use separate recycling bins for selective recycling!