The 2011 edition of B’ESTFEST has drastically changed its location. From the concrete of the city streets straight into the warm embrace of nature’s camping space fully equiped with all the necessary facilities ( toiletes, showers, food courts etc.). B’ESTFEST fans have the option of either bringing their own tent, buying or renting one from the camping space.

For more information check out the page’s “Camping” section.

Hotel or guesthouse accomodation

For festival fans who want to stay at a nearby hotel or guesthouse, B’ESTFEST’s options are:

Name Address Apartament / Flat Single room Double room Website
Pensiunea Previ 4**** Sos. Pipera – Tunari nr. 25 N/A 140 (Monday-Thursday 120) 160 (Monday-Thrusday 140)
Alexander Hotel 5***** Sos. Pipera – Tunari 1/VI 1000 375 420
Pensiunea Restaurant Pipera Strada Erou Nita Pintea, nr. 1B, Voluntari 400 235 250
Charter Hotel Otopeni 3*** Str. Drumul Odaii nr. 1D, Otopeni 230 145 168
Vila Toparceanu Otopeni 3*** Str. G. Toparceanu nr. 11, Otopeni N/A 122 142
RIN Airport 3/4*** Calea Bucurestilor 255A, Otopeni 160 180
Denisa Hotel 4**** Drumul Garii Otopeni nr. 62, Otopeni N/A 160 180
Hotel Tecadra 4**** Str. Erou Iancu Nicolae 67A, Pipera-Voluntari N/A N/A 326