• 3 days: 1-5 July
  • Venue: Pipera-Tunari
  • Audience: over 38.000 people


  • Day 1 – Skunk Anansie(UK), Flogging Molly (U.S.,A) , Roger Sanchez (U.S.A), Caspa (UK), Omul cu Sobolani (Romania), Coma (Romania), The Mono Jacks (Romania), Madame Hooligan (Romania), Gojira (Romania), Leizaboy (Romania), Sirius & Methodikal (Bulgaria), Unlocka (Romania), Popa Sapka (Romania), Sonichouse (Romania), Goodbye to Gravity (Romania), Butterflies in my stomach (Romania), Toulouse Lautrec (Romania), Niste Baieti (Romania);
  • Day 2 – Mika (UK), Asian Dub Foundation (UK), Lamb (UK), NAPT (UK), Suie Paparude (Romania), Magnolia (Romania), Electric Brother (Romania), Marika (Romania), D-Laid (Romania), DJ Bully (Romania), Petrol (Serbia), Robin and the Backstabbers (Romania), Electric Fence (Romania), Antarctica (Romania), Mes Quins (Romania), Sensor (Romania);
  • Day 3 – Pendulum (Australia), House of Pain (U.S.A), Hadouken! (UK), Nero (UK), Sarmalele Reci (Romania), ROA(Romania), CTC (Romania), Cuantune (Romania), Limun & K-lu (Romania), Tunnesinnaourheads (Romania), Zeppelin & Praetor (Romania), Blue Nipple Boy (Romania), TiPtiL (Romania).
  • After a special edition in 2010 that helped B’ESTFEST understand even more the need of bringing people closer to the experience of a festival in its whole meaning, the fifth edition came with a new concept, a new image and a new location, so the first edition of „Summer Camp” took place on a green field in Tunari, only 10 minutes away from Bucharest!
  • With this change, B’ESTFEST brought the eager audiences camping facilities, a new concept, a lot of artists and many and more other festival activities which created the perfect atmosphere for the B’ESTFEST fans that had the chance to enjoy the complete experience of an international intercultural festival in Romania.
  • The entire set-up was conceived as a miniature city with five different areas of interest: a playground (a fairground that included various activities such as dodgems and a merry-go-round plus magic shows, games, face painting, tattoos and graffiti), the sport area (an area designated for sporting activities from football to volleyball and basketball during the day, fitness or yoga with highly-skilled instructors for the “morning people” and climbing walls or even slacklining for the braves ones), the lake lounge area (a chilling area, where people can wait for sunset in a hammock, enjoying a drink tea, smoking shisha, watching a cool movie or a theatre play or even reading a book in the “library” where classical operas of the international literature have been made available for avid readers), the arts&crafts corner  (was designed for the artsy public all into photography, painting or contemporary arts where exhibitions and interactive workshops are taking place for those who want to test their skills in sculpture, painting, origami or pottery) and the bazzar (for those who want new accessories and wardrobe pieces, in the Bazzar area they can find a nice variety of stores with different outfits and accessories, all standing out through unconventional style and creativity  like the unique creations from  Paga Shop which makes available original creations imported directly from Korea, Japan, China and the Philippines).
  • After this year’s edition, B’ESTFEST was nominated once again at the UK Festival Awards for Best Overseas Festival.