• 3 days: 16, 17, 18 July
  • Venue: Zone Arena
  • Audience: over 22.000 people.


  • Day 1: Faithless (UK), Suie Paparude (Romania), Sensor (Romania), L’orchestre de Roche (Romania), Discoballs (Romania), Silent Disco (Romania)
  • Day 2: Pink Martini (U.S.A), Urma (Romania), Kumm (Romania), Les Elephants Bizarres (Romania), Brum Conspiracy (Romania)
  • Day 3: Gary Moore (Ireland), Vita de Vie (Romania), E.M.I.L. (Romania), The MOOoD (Romania), The MonoJacks (Romania)
  • The fourth edition of B’ESTFEST was a special one, dedicated to its main partner, Ciuc Premium. Thus, B’ESTFEST 2010 became Ciuc Summer Fest by B’ESTFEST, being the first edition of the festival that took place outside the Romexpo concrete grounds, in a different venue which allowed the organizers to expand other attraction areas.
  • Besides the powerful line-up which included acts from the U.S., Northern Ireland, U.K., The Netherlands, Romania and even performances by a innovative fusion of Indian classical music and Balkan sounds group, Ciuc Summer Fest 2010 by B’ESTFEST also featured an incredible eclectic assembly of side-attractions: photo and paintings exhibitions, vintage fairs, urban clothing and accessories shops, pantomime moments plus strolling players.
  • This edition was the beginning of a bold attempt to bring different forms of entertainment to the public in a critical year hit by economic crisis, Ciuc Summer Fest 2010 By B’ESTFEST became in the end an ambrosial cocktail of cultural manifestations that brought B’ESTFEST closer to this new idea of what a music festival should be.