• 4 days: 4, 5, 6, 11 July
  • Venue: Romexpo
  • Audience: over 60.000 people


      • Day 1 – Unkle (UK), Cypress Hill (U.S.A.), Alanis Morissette (Canada), Miss Platinum (Germany), Apollo 440 (UK), NSK (Romania), Boy Lamoen (Holland), Mark Norman (Holland);
      • Day 2 – Kaiser Chiefs (UK), Nouvelle Vague (France), Manic Street Preachers (UK), Neo (Hungary), The Hot Stewards (Holland), Deluka (UK), The MOOoD (Romania), Shangri La (Bulgaria), Dekadens (Romania), Cor Fijneman (Holland);
      • Day 3 – Nelly Furtado (Canada), Manu Chao (France), Sunrise Avenue (U.S.A.), Roisin Murphy (Ireland), Stereophonics (UK), The Last Supper (Canada), Kraak and Smaak (Holland), E.M.I.L. (Romania), Veritasaga (Romania), Lemon 8 (Holland);
      • Day 4 – Aftershock – Judas Priest (UK),  Primal Fear (Germany), Ross The Boss (U.S.A.), Thunderstorm (Romania), Wisdom (Hungary).

B’ESTFEST 2008 continued in the same cultural and musical direction,  adding an extra stage and also  an extra day (called B’ESTFEST AFTERSHOCK), dedicated only to  rock music.