B’ESTFEST  2007 (B’ESTIVAL at the time)

    • 3 days: June 29, 30, July 1
    • Venue: Romexpo
    • Audience: over 50.000 people


  • Day 1 – Faithless (UK), Phill Hartnoll (Orbital) (UK), Morcheeba (UK), Hooverphonic (Belgium), Yonderboi (Hungary), Suie Paparude (Romania), Monochrome (Germany), Sonicvibe (Romania);
  • Day 2 – Pink (U.S.A.), Kasabian (UK), Reamonn (Germany), Damian & Brothers (Romania), Raining Pleasure (Greece), D2 (Bulgaria),  Brigada Hades (Romania), La Plebe (U.S.A.);
  • Day 3 – Marilyn Manson,(U.S.A.) Alice Cooper (U.S.A.), Wu-Tang Clan (U.S.A.), Chicks On Speed (Germany), Gabriel Rios (Puerto Rico),  Zdob Si Zdub (Moldavia), Trackaddicts (Holland), Neo (Hungary).
    • B’ESTFEST 2007 was the first edition of  Romania’s biggest festival, becoming also one of the most important international music festivals from  Eastern Europe.
    • B’ESTFEST was also one of the first Romanian festivals that encouraged the public to embrace different music genres, from different countries and cultures, through an impressively eclectic line-up that drew the attention of the international press as well.
    • This first edition was an important moment not only in B’ESTFEST’s history but also for the international music industry, for having the two “rivals” Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper performing together, on the same stage!

After this first edition, B’ESTFEST became a member of Yourope (http://www.yourope.org) and ETEP (http://www.etep.nl), two of the most important international festival organizations.